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Activeden Advanced MP3 Player 104488
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Flash Template - Advanced MP3 Player 104488 by trimax @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Music Players \ MP3 Players

Your music listening habit will change with the Extreme features of this MP3 player.

- Extreme Audio Filters: Real time dynamic sound filtering engine. Increase/decrease the Tempo , Rate and Pitch of your music, change the room acoustics
with Reverb and Echo or use the guitar effect Flanger . Filter out and listen to the audio with the only frequency you choose by manipulating the Resonance that features low pass,
band pass and high pass modes. The filter knobs are changed by clicking and dragging them vertically. You reset a knob by double clicking it or reset them all or you can set random values.

- Extreme 15 Bands Graphic Equalizer: The real equalizer tool (not sound spectrum) with 15 bands and preamplify option. Fifteen equalizer presets to choose from: Classic, Club, Dance, Full Bass, Full Bass and
Treble, Full Treble, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Live, Party, Pop, Rap, Rock, Soft and Vocal. You can see the visual state of your adjustment in the spline panel.

- Extreme Playlist: Select, load and listen to mp3 files from your hard disc(only with sample rate of 44100 Hz, that’s usually the case). Drag and drop mp3 files and reorder them. Select a range of files with/without holding down Shift or Control key and
delete if you don’t want to listen to them, or you can invert your selection. View the ID3 info of any file at any time(event without loading). Sort your files according to artist, title or duration
or reverse the play list. You can save the play list in your hard disc to use later with any file extension you want (not including the MP3 files you select from your hard disc). If you delete all of the files in
the play list you can restore them with the Reload Original option. The play list can also be shuffled. You can search for songs you are looking for. If the text in the play list items doesn’t
fit the area, it is truncated with an ellipsis(..) sign. Displays the total play time of play list.

- Extreme ID3 (MP3 Metadata) Retrieval: You don’t need to edit an XML file to create a play list, a PHP file takes care of supplying a play list. The PHP file reads all MP3 files, extracts
ID3V1 , ID3V2 info (artist,album, title and the embedded album art cover) and MPEG layer info (sample rate, bitrate, channel mode, duration) to reflect them in the playlist. Then, this information
is displayed in the MP3 player along with the album art cover image . If it can’t find enough ID3 info, it downloads them from various web services. The same operations are performed
for the mp3 files you select from your hard disc. Actionscript, along with PHP , also reads ID3 data. (The webservice feature is disabled by default both in the preview and
in the original version, if you want to use it you must agree with these webservices’ terms and conditions and sign up. And there is no guarantee for the correctness and continuation of these services).

- Extreme Dragging Framework: The application consists of three parts: minimized, main and sub panels. All of them are draggable, detachable and can be snapped to each other and they can be
docked to the surroundings of their container. In addition to the draggable and reorderable play list items, the tab buttons of the tab bar in the subpanel can also be dragged and
reordered. The equalizer sliders can snap at the 0 value(the vertical middle of slider) as you drag them. Execution of visual functionality stops while dragging
to yield a more smooth dragging.

- Extreme Audio Visualizers: There are three visualizers in the main panel: bar, wave and vu-meter. And 15 of them in the sub panel. You can change them by clicking the sub panel or
click the auto button for auto-transition. The minimized panel features a peak bar.

- Extreme BPM Analysis: The BPM (Beats Per Minute) estimation will let you better track the speed of songs along with a LED beat indicator. The sensitivity of the analyzer can
be configured.

- Extreme Performance: The source code is highly optimized to save processor cycles and memory, the invible parts in the application consumes the
minimal processing power and memory. Yet, you can increase the performance by disabling Equalizer and/or Audio Filters. The
audio may click, pop or stutter if you drag the browser window or when you browse in another tab in Firefox. These are not defects but things that are documented by Adobe. The application
performs best in Internet Explorer; for Firefox, you may leave out the eq and/or filters for better performance.

- Other Extreme Features: All the settings you make in the player is stored in a cookie (shared object) so that you will find the same settings
in your next visit. You can toggle between remaining and elapsed duration, minimize and maximize the application, close and open the sub panel. Displays hundredths of a second
for better tempo tracking. The application is
fully localizable: All the text you see in the application can be changed in the config xml file. Display help in a pop-up. All the buttons with an icon show a tooltip
when the mouse is rolled over. The following are the configuration options in the config file: application_draggable, window_snap_distance,
tooltip_latency, drag_bound_is_whole_page, set_app_centered, start_app_minimized, mp3_buffer_time, auto_play, useWebServices, play_list_extension, play_list_double_click_duration,
enable_equalizer, enable_audio_filters, bpm_threshold, display_hand_on_panel_drag, visualizer_duration_before_transition, allow_saving_play_list, enable_help. The config file
is fully commented.

- Extra: When you purchase this item you will also get my unicode fonts LED Style and Nano Pixel.

- The preview songs are from available with Creative Commons License . They are not included in the actual item.

Flash Files Included: ActionScript AS, Flash FLA, HTML Files, PHP Files, XML Files; Opens With: Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+); ActionScript Version: AS3; Documentation: Well Documented; Published Size: 185kb.

Dynamic Crossword; XML Dictionary; Rich Text Editor.

Keywords: album, album art, artist, audio filters, draggable, dynamic, echo, equalizer, flanger, id3, pitch, play list, shuffle, tempo, webservice.


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