Activeden Customizable Mp3 and ShoutCast Player 1393839

Customizable Mp3 and ShoutCast Player

Activeden Customizable Mp3 and ShoutCast Player 1393839
Flash Template \ Music Players \ MP3 Players
Player \ Background \ Playlist \ Repeat \ StartUp \ Buttons \ Display \ Volume

Flash Template - Customizable Mp3 and ShoutCast Player 1393839 by bloorigard @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Music Players \ MP3 Players

Fully Customizable Audio Player which also supports ShoutCast Radio Streaming, NO AAC / AAC+
Updates 02 feb 2013 ! Important
Due to latest Flash Player versions, the Spectrum and Metadata fetch method is now requesting cross-domain access . Crossdomain.xml file is required on the streaming host at http://ip:port/crossdomain.xml in order for the player to properly get data. This requirement does not apply when playing local audio files.

Updates 27 apr 2012
WordPress Plugin created, just activate and use shortcodes to display the player

More details in the documentation

Updates 02 apr 2012
Automated scrolling to current song / stream

AutoPlay bugs fixed

Support added for streaming MetaData, Player can now request / receive data like Curent Song, Stream Status, Stream Name, Server Status

More details in the documentation

Player details
Resizable in anyway possible.
- fixed width and height or percentage width based on Stage / browser size

- all elements will resize and adjust to player size automatically
Changeable colors and alpha support for.

- player gradient background

- display gradient background

- buttons gradient background

- display text

- spectrum bars

- progress bar

- volume background

- volume pointer

- playlist background

- playlist text

- playlist scrollbar
Display Grid Pattern is external as a transparent PNG image

- can be replaced with any other PNG, JPEG or monocolor transparent GIF.

- your own personal LOGO can be used as a background image

- images can be positioned anywhere in the display area: center, top, bottom, left, right, or top-left, bottom-right and so on,

- images can be repeated on Y, X, YX axis ( this is how the grid is created )

- Tint color and alpha can be applied to the images
Circular Volume Knob

- volume effect is an external PNG file, can be replaced with any other image file

- changeble background color and pointer color
Player Controls

- Previous, Play / Stop , Next, ( static buttons, always visible )

- Shuffle, Repeat / no Repeat / Repeat One, Playlist ( optional, can be disabled or cut out from the player )

- internal song history for ‘Previous’ button functionality

- background gradient color

- buttons color and alpha

- buttons mouseOver color and alpha

- buttons size also adjustable based on their background area
Song ProgressBar

- color and alpha can be applied

- bar can be dragged or clicked to skip time backwards or forward
Spectrum Bars

- color and alpha can be applied
Song Timer Text and Song Info / Title

- color and alpha support

- external Digital Font ( created especially for this player and included in the package )

- can be changed with another font ( detailed in the documentation )

- background color and alpha

- scrollbar color and alpha

- fixed size or autoSize based on stage / browser

- player readjust option on playlist open or closes

- song name stripped from the song path, or manually specified

- playlist text

– font name and size

– color and alpha

– mouseOver color and alpha

Other changeable values

- StartUp volume value

- StartUp Song Number

- StarUp AutoPlay

- StartUp Shuffle or not

- StartUp Repeat song, repeat playlist or no repeat

- Playlist open or not at StartUp
“WW Digital” Font is a part of the player and is included in the package

The package includes up to 10 skins and background patterns.
FLA files available in CS3, CS4, CS5 formats

No need to open Flash, just update XML parameters


Flash Files Included: Flash FLA, XML Files, HTML Files, JS Files; Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+), Flash CS5.5 (10.2+); Resolution: Resizable; ActionScript Version: AS3; Documentation: Well Documented; Published Size: 24kb.

Keywords: audio shoutcast player, customizable player, external font, mp3 player, player plugin, resizable player, skins, wp player.


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