Activeden Business FlipBook 2758453

Business FlipBook

Activeden Business FlipBook 2758453
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Flash Template - Business FlipBook 2758453 by flashmaniac @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Site Templates

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Update – 06.VIII.2012

- In the package “” are attached two folders (fixed and full)

- Reduced the margin at the top

- Fixed preloader

IPhone – you do not see Flipbook for the iPhone ?
Download the browser “Cloud Browse” – you’ll always see the flash files!

- professional design

- deep linking ( also works with several books )

- multibook – you can add a few books

- chapters – you can add an unlimited number of chapters

- reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)

- two systems of loading pages. The first (old) system loads all the pages. The new system loads only 4 pages to the front and back 4 pages. This is useful when there is a lot of pages and amount of RAM. It also increases the liquidity. More in the “help / book.pdf” and the title “Two Methods of loading pages.”

- you can disable the redirection of the logo

- improved ZOOM (with double click), now see the point in which press

- double-clicking the zoomIn Or zoomOut

- changing single click on the corner of the page (now you can perform a drag sheet)

- now you can set an individual thumb for each pages (in list pages)

- you can make a redirect for a page in the xml file

- you can add sound to the sheet (optional xml file)

- in the browser title bar shows the number page

- single-clicking on the corner to rotate the page (optional in xml file)

- you can enabled glow for a book (optional in xml file)

- selection screen before loading the book (normal screen / full screen) – optional

- you can disable / enable deep linking (swfAddress) in a xml file

- you can choose to default the first page (when turned off deep linking)

- corrected bug events onStartAnimationSheet and events onStopAnimationSheet in swf file

- double-clicking on the page show next page

- you can change the speed of sheet in xml file

- lightbox (photos + video)

- you can disable dragging the sheet with the mouse

- fast loading ( first loads the current page )

- smoothing for background

- you can change page book size in xml file

- you can add big photographs of two pages (no need to crop)

- you can add unlimited pages in xml file

- player mp3

- you can mute mp3 player for the page

- you can add unlimited mp3

- nice animation icons,

- you can disable / enable the numbers pages of globally or locally

- smoothing for pages ( locally or globally)

- you can load jpg,png and swf file

- auto scale to the size of the browser

- contact form with PHP

- view all pages ( automatic generate thumbs)

- download zip

- printing pages

- zoom book ( zoom in, zoom out, zoom 1:1 ,zoom optimal)

- logo and logo redirect

- full screen button

- you can turn off the shadows of the middle for big image

- four corners enabled

- keyboard support ( next and prev page )

- nice shadows


Images from were purchased by me for use in the preview file only, and are not included in the download source.

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