Activeden 3D Image Changer 48615

3D Image Changer

Activeden 3D Image Changer 48615
Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ 3D \ Carousel
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Flash Template - 3D Image Changer 48615 by emerald @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ 3D \ Carousel

3D Image Changer is a multifunctional Flash component based on advanced technology that allows changing images on screen by means of their 3D rotation. The component provides an easy and understandable way for adding graphic objects of different types to internal “Images Collection”. You can attach not only the external graphic files but also symbols and bitmaps from library to your collection.

Use 3D Image Changer to create any of the following.

- Photo gallery

- 3D Image rotator

- Slide show

- Image rollover

5 built-in 3D rotation effects

3D rotation effects reproduce rotation of specified geometrical figures. 3D Image Changer includes the following five effects.

- prismatic quadrangular

- prismatic triangular

- cylindrical convex

- cylindrical concave

- plane rectangular

3 additional visual effects

You can apply one of 3 additional visual effect to the component.

- blur

- grayscale

- brightness

Full-featured navigation system to control images in collection

Navigation system provides built-in navigation and sequencing capabilities, and lets you easily step through the objects that the “Images collection” contains. The “Images Collection” is the 2-dimensional array where images are stored as BitmapData objects.

Use ActionScript methods and properties to build advanced navigation through images in collection.
Both external and internal graphic objects support

You can attach images to collection in three different ways of your choice.

- using the Images Collection authoring parameter in the Component inspector

- creating configuration XML -file for loading external graphic files (JPEG, GIF , PNG, SWF )

- using the ActionScript method addImage() to add single images of supported types to collection

Also, you can use ActionScript to manage images in collection.

Advanced ActionScript control

3D Image Changer has a unique set of ActionScript methods, properties, and events that allows you to set parameters and additional options at runtime.

Fully documented and tested

The complete User guide for the product.

The package contains a PDF documentation, MXP file (Flash extension), source code (FLA, AS) and usage samples (FLA, XML ).

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+); Resolution: Resizable; ActionScript Version: AS2; Documentation: Well Documented; Published Size: 25kb.

Phlex XML Business Website Template; Estetica XML Business Website Template; Exposure Banner Rotator; Magnetic Image Gallery; Magnetic Slideshow with thumbnails; Accordion Tree Menu; Screen Banner Rotator.

Keywords: 3d, 3d, actionscript, banner, cylindrical, gallery, image, navigation, photo, prismatic, rotation, rotator, slideshow, viewer.


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