Activeden FlashSiteBuilder v1.0 12165

FlashSiteBuilder v1.0

Activeden FlashSiteBuilder v1.0 12165
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Flash Template - FlashSiteBuilder v1.0 12165 by playwithyourmind @ Activeden

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FlashSiteBuilder v1.0

I developed this product as an alternative to the many “artistic” templates available on FlashDen. While I certainly appreciate the appeal of these other templates, I also feel that their utility is limited by their specificity. Their appearance may be beautiful, but it is also hard to customize, so when you buy and use such a template you are publishing a website that, while artistic, looks almost exactly the same as those published by the other 500 patrons of that template. Furthmore, not every client wants such an abstract, fancy site; many will be more inclined to the more straight-forward, classic appraoch. This is where FlashSiteBuilder comes into play. With the ability to cosutomize colors, layouts, sounds, transitions and more, you can use the tool over and over, each time developing a unique site. They may not win design awards, but they will be clean, crisp and easy to naviagte; and with the ability to add images, SWFs, FLVs and sounds, they might end up looking pretty snazzy afterall, once you add your personal design touch.

Check out the preview file to see an example site made with the product, and to learn more about what it can do.

Product Features

- Easily define your menu / site hierarchy

- Easily add text, images, sounds, SWFs, or FLVs to any page

- Choose from 5 different layouts

- Choose from 5 different page transition tweens

- Change color scheme

- Change font type, size & color

- Add your own logo

- Use of Flash not required; everything can be done externally

- Developed in ActionScript 3; Flash CS3 required to open the file

- Well-documented with sample XML included

- Support offered in FlashDen product forum

Powered by XML , FSB is customizable in numerous ways, from the color scheme, layout & page transitions, to the menu, content, and sounds. Adding text, images, audio, SWFs or FLVs to your pages is as simple as editing an XML tag. The various examples and help documents make it easy for a beginner to use, while the well-commented code makes the source accessible to the AS3 -savvy. Check out the preview to see an example site and learn more about the product.


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