Activeden The Monkey Game 16255

The Monkey Game

Activeden The Monkey Game 16255
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Flash Template - The Monkey Game 16255 by fernandovn @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Games \ Action

Help the hungry monkey to satisfy its hunger by catching sweet bananas that are falling from the trees of the jungle.
But careful, there are some banana peels falling and you don¡ät want to eat them. Pay attention to some animals that won¡ät let you to eat quietly. Try to avoid them, don¡ät let them to hurt you.
Watch your time and your energy.
Eat the most bananas as possible!
Good luck!

1- Use the keyboard to move the Ape – left, right, up and down

2- Catch as many bananas as possible to earn points before the countdown reaches the zero

3- Avoid things that hurts the Ape.
Watch the Energy Bar!

This game can be easily used as a game for a website, or as an banner (advertisement) for a product or service (using creativity).

1.- This game is resizable without modifying the fla file . This means the game will fit to almost any resolution you need.

This game is originally created for a resolution of 800×600 pixels, but you can use it for different sizes. For example.
- 800×600 (original size)
- 400×400 (square)
- 300×400(vertical)
- 300×300 (small square)
- higher resolution such as 1024×760 (or even higher)

2.- The game is meant to be played by using the Keyboard . You can move the Monkey to the left or to the right by pressing the left and right keys. You can also make it jump to avoid a dog, or crouch to avoid a bee, by pressing the Up and Down Keys.

The monkey and the others animals react and show emotions or poses during the game .

For example, if the monkey is hurt by and object it will scream, but if it eats bananas, its face will show a happy smile.

On the other hand, if the Monkey disturbs the Dog, the last one will attack, or if a bee is passing across the stage and touches the Monkey, the bee will sting.

Even the snake which is the energy bar for this game, shows you a different statement depending on the consumed energy by the monkey.

3.- There are two types of falling objects: The first object is a sweet banana which will add points to your score and will increase your health.
The other object is a banana peel which will decrease the energy and will make you lose points to your score.

Each object has a different y speed and a x random position appearing along the game width.

You can easily increase the number of falling objects by adding keyframes and asigning new objects to each frame and a variables for the points worth

4.- This game contains a countdown timer .

There is a variable which lets you to change the number of seconds for the game.

This countdown timer is not very complex, just fine for a game. It only considers minutes and seconds (not hours).

The maximum time available is 3600 seconds which are 60 minutes. I believe this is more than enough for this game.

5.- This game also lets you add as many bees and dogs as you want on the scene by changing the value of a variable (one for the dog and one for the bee).The speed for the bees and the dogs can be modified too.

6.- When the game is over and there are still some energy at the Energy Bar, each remaining percent of energy will give you extra points . This was the last feature I thought for this game, due I saw a Mario Bross game

7.- The monkey, the dogs, the bees, every single tree and plant, the whole jungle and landscape are 100% vectors, no images (jpg, bmp or png) were used inside. The Blur effects used in this game are generated by actionscript .

8.- There are much more features inside the flash file that one can play with. Most of these features are explained for your knowledge.

9.- This file has a customized banana preloader.

10.- The game has been developed using Actionscript 2 and both versions, Flash 8 and Flash CS3 are included

11.- The font used for this project is called Funky Chunk and it¡äs free to use. You can download by clicking HERE

I am sure if you like this game, you will probably like my other stuff. Take at look at them.

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