Activeden Premium XML Image & Media Gallery 21042

Premium XML Image & Media Gallery

Activeden Premium XML Image & Media Gallery 21042
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Flash Template - Premium XML Image & Media Gallery 21042 by MBMedia @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Image Viewers \ Image Galleries

Premium XML Image & Media Gallery
Item Description.
This item’s goal is to be an easily editable Flash template for Flash developers wishing to build an AS3 image/video/swf gallery OR a clean and functional XML template for a non Flash developer to use as a web page for the same purpose. 4 version with different designs and slightly different functionality are included, so that non Flash owners can choose from one of the 4, and Flash owners can edit any of the 4 depending on their needs.

What makes this better that other media galleries?

- Displays Images, Videos, or Swf files (AS2 or AS3 ) as thumbs and or full views.
- In the XML you can declare to allow items to be downloaded. (optional for each item)
- Optional description text not only is HTML capable but is also subject to a CSS stylesheet included.
- Four versions included, each with different design and configurations.
- All versions are set up to be allowed to be a standalone website (HTML, JS, and everything) or can be used as simple MovieClips that you just drag onto the stage to use in your projects.
- Many help files, from specific editing for this templates XML , to the general rules for AS2 file in AS3 , to an XML language primer.
- Extreme attention to detail for editability, and interoperability with other Flash.
- Complete ability to edit colors, layout, graphics, text, etc from Flash with no scripting, all on stage.
- Use of FLVPlayback component for video, allowing any Flash skin to be used on video, as well as skin colors, skin auto hiding, and skin opacity, editable for each individual video.
- Easy Flash implementation, just copy the assets to your library and drag 2 movie clips onto your stage. All the assets they need are in one easy folder to help you copy over.

What kind of help files are there?
This template includes a lot of help files. To help you I’ve created the following.
- Commented Script
- Commented XML
- Editing These Files.html
- What About H264 Content.html
- What CSS Can I Use.html
- What HTML Can I Use.html
- What is XML and How Do I Edit.html
- What Stipulations do Flash Files Need to Work.html
- I’m also opening a help page here. It will answer common questions as they arise.

Does it take H.264?
Yes. The FLVPlayback component is technically capable of H.264 content. However, it is picky about it, and since it is an Adobe creation, not mine, I cannot provide support for it. The great thing is that it is a standard Flash component though, and you can look up anything you need to know on it. One resource I found useful was this

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Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+); Resolution: Resizable; ActionScript Version: AS3; Documentation: Well Documented; Published Size: 80kb.

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