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Version 1.1.12 out now, with an important update for the Twitter integration
If you are using the Twitter in your news tickers, you should upgrade to 1.1.12 immediately and follow the steps to set up Twitter integration. See the changelog below for more details.

About jNewsticker
jNewsticker is a powerful jQuery plugin designed to seamlessly integrate into your website. Pre-packed with three news ticker styles and three skins, you can easily create your own skins.
Running Wordpress? Then check out our brand new Wordpress plugin, jNewsticker for Wordpress .

Three news ticker animations
jNewsticker is about giving you choice. Out of the box, it comes with three styles of news ticker.

- Fade between news items (one is displayed at a time)

- Continuously scroll between news items

- Reveal news items, one character at a time (also known as the typewriter effect)

And if you understand Javascript and jQuery, you can create your own news ticker styles to sit on top of jNewsticker.

Get news content from RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter,, Pinterest and Tumblr
With jNewsticker, you can get your news items directly from RSS feeds, Twitter, a Facebook page,, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can even set how many news items you want to retrieve from each source, and format items differently depending on whether they are from Facebook, Twitter,, Pinterest, Tumblr or an RSS feed.

In other words, you can populate your news ticker with the last 5 entries from your Tumblr blog, your last three tweets and the last three tunes you’ve scribbled to

Please note that due to the way Facebook locks down access to individual profile’s Facebook posts, the Facebook integration only works for Facebook pages.

Features at a glance

- Three professionally designed skins

- Three in-built news ticker animation styles: fade, scroll and reveal

- Design your own skins

- Extend with your own news ticker animation styles

- Get news items from RSS feeds, Twitter, your Facebook page,, Pinterest and Tumblr

- Fine-grained control over how items loaded from RSS,, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest are displayed

- Handles window resizing

- Supports multiple instances on a page

- Full documentation covering how to implement the news ticker, theming guide and developer guide

- Compatible with IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera

Head over to the demo site for examples of how the news ticker can be implemented.

ThemeForest authors: Use it in your ThemeForest themes and get a mention!
If you are a ThemeForest author, you are free to integrate jNewsticker into your themes if you purchase the extended license. If you do, please let us know so we can give your theme a plug!

Feature requests? Let us hear them.
Got an idea on how to improve jNewsticker? We would love to hear it!

If you have purchased the plugin, you can download updates from your Downloads section.

1.1.12 – June 13, 2012

- Fixed Twitter API bug.

1.1.11 – March 4, 2012

- Updated Twitter API request method to use an intermediary PHP script. This is necessary due to updates to the Twitter API, which will render the old method useless. You will need to set up a Twitter application and copy and paste a few details to the PHP script. For detailed instructions, please see page 9 of the documentation.

1.1.10 – October 20, 2012

- Improved skins for easier integration into themes

- Fixed up a bug occurring in certain situations when pulling items from a Facebook page.

1.1.9 – August 28, 2012

- Added a setting to choose whether parsed links inside Tweets (ie. user mentions and hashtags) should open in a new window or not when clicked

1.1.8 – August 6, 2012

- Fixed a bug appearing in edge cases when news ticker wrapper is undefined

1.1.7 – August 3, 2012

- Minor CSS change to skin

- Fixed a bug in scrolling animation when there is only one news item

1.1.6 – July 26, 2012

- Fixed a bug where margin between items becomes wider after first scroll through entire list of items

1.1.5 – July 20, 2012

- Fixed an IE-specific error with the time ago variable for Twitter feeds

1.1.4 – July 9, 2012

- Fixed a bug related to reveal animation and HTML tags

1.1.3 – June 13, 2012

- Fixed a bug with the way news items are displayed when controls are turned off

- Fixed a bug when multiple links present in a tweet

- Fixed a bug when two newstickers of the same type of animation are used on the same page

1.1.2 - May 30, 2012

- Fixed excerpt trimming for Facebook feed items.

1.1.1 – May 25, 2012

- Fixed parsing error with Facebook feeds that caused the newsticker to break under certain conditions.

1.1 – May 14, 2012

- Display URLs, user mentions and hashtags within tweets as links. Can be turned off by setting ‘parseTwitterLinks’ to false.

- HTML within the reveal animation now works, with one caveatí¬nested HTML elements will break the animation.

- Prevent feed caching by setting ‘noCache’ to true. Note that this will have a performance impact.

- Quickly display your latest Pinterest pins and Tumblr posts using six new settings: ‘pinterest’, ‘pinterestFormat’, ‘pinterestCount’, ‘tumblr’, ‘tumblrFormat’, ‘tumblrCount’

- Fixed incorrect link for Twitter link variable

- Correction in documentation

1.0.1 – April 26, 2012

- Fixed a bug in the reveal animation.

- Tweaked the default Twitter format.

1.0.0 – April 23, 2012

- Hello world!

Last Update: 14 June 13; High Resolution: No; Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS; Software Version: jQuery.

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