CodeCanyon Super Mario Clone Platformer with Leaderboard 7530680

Super Mario Clone Platformer with Leaderboard

CodeCanyon Super Mario Clone Platformer with Leaderboard 7530680
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HTML5 Code - Super Mario Clone Platformer with Leaderboard 7530680 by black_op @ CodeCanyon

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Games built with this Basement
Cat Adventure Platformer

Game by: Chitao Games

You also have made a game with our basement ‘Super Mario Clone’? Just let me know and I will link it here, too.

Note: You maybe need to purge your cache and your cookies of your browser to load the new Demo without issues.

Find the Key to unlock the door!
Now you need to find the key first in order to open the door and finish the level. The key is hidden in every level, so find it

If have the Key the key symbol in the HUD will become yellow. Now you can go to the door. It will automaticall open it if you overlaps the door.

Fits perfect with this graphics
This graphic sets fit perfect to our new mobile game user interfaces at graphicriver.

How to Play
Here you can find out how to play the game.
On mobile device

- Use the control pad buttons (left & right) to move

- Use A to shoot

- Use B or Up on the control cross to jump (Press again to perform double jump)

- Use B infront of a switch to toggle the off Laser

- Door unlocks automatically if you have the key and if you overlap the door

On Computer

- Use Arrow keys left & right to move

- Use Arrow Up key or Space to jump (Press again to perform double jump)

- Use Space infront of a switch to toggle off the Laser

- Door unlocks automatically if you have the key and if you overlap the door


- Press/Touch Select to switch the colour of the GUI

A link to our complete docs is included in the package.
Documentation for the Leaderboard Function
Note: It’s still the Non-Leaderboard (HTML5) Version included if you don’t want to use it

Please read this first!


Whats included?

- HTML5 Files

- 24 finished levels!

- Android APK (ready to install)

- Xcode project files (for IOS, Mac-Computer needed!)

- PSD Files

- Elements (Game Asset update is included since version 1.7)

- Sounds

- Diffrent Construct 2 files (Maybe will not working with free version of C2)

- Link to documentation / Link to support forum

Create more levels with a few clicks!
No “coding” necessary! All functions are already included. Just build your levels with construct 2!
Check out documentation for more information (link is included in package)
More game features

- Double Jump for player

- Awesome checkpoint system!

- 2 sorts of special boxes (spawing coins and stars)

- 2 sorts of enemies

- Springboard

- On-Screen controls

- Optimized Save & Load mechanism with JSON

- Share to Facebook function

- Best scores!

Global features
Export to all platforms thanks construct 2 from scirra and CocoonJS from Ludei!

Don’t hesitate to ask us
Note: Please ask all your questions before you buy the item!


- Ammo Icon for HUD: (Backlink to fulfill license)

Update to Version 4.0
The latest upate is done and on upload. Buyers will be notifed when the update is available for download.
Version 4.0 – Submitted on 01. Jan 2015

- CocoonJS Functions replaced by Crosswalk Functions

- Google Play Games Service via Phonegap Games Plugin

- In-App Purchase via Phonegap IAP Plugin

- Native AdMob Support! (Now without MoPub!)

- Download links for Crosswalk Plugins added (all free)

- Documentation has been replaced with the new Wiki (links included)

- Minor bug fixes and improvements

If you have question or if you need support don’t hesitate to contact me!

Update to Version 3.0 is coming!
Finally our version 3.0 is about to be uploaded to the store! Check out what will be new with this version!
Version 3.0 – Submitted on 05. Oct 2014

- Chargable Jump (Hold key longer to perform higher jumps)

- Double Jump feature updated (now using scirras ‘Platform’ behavior)

- New look and feel for the game (included as .png)

- CocoonJS Plugin has been updated to latest version (Plugin is included in the Package)

- Google Play Games Leaderboard Update (Logout function is in beta)

- New panels and slide in effects for the store, leaderboard and setting panel

- A setting panel has been added with some options to toggle

- ‘Choose Ad Position’ option has been added to allow the player to choose where the ad should be shown (center top or bottom)

- Ad Switch associated with the IAP function added (Player can purchase ‘NoAds’ perk to get the ability to turn of the ads completely (You just need to enter your products and setup the stuff at your Google Developer Console and your Ludei account, if you stuck, don’t hesitate to contact me)

- IAP Function improved and updated (documentation update is coming soon)

- New documentation can be found here

- We offer now only support via mail. Just contact us over this url if you have problems:

- Minor bug fixes and small improvements

- IOS, Android & HTML5 Version updated

Note: I’m arware of that the CocoonJS Plugin has been depreciated by Scirra. But it’s up to now the onliest way to add Ads, IAP and the Leaderboard via one plugin. Also the performance is much better then with PhoneGap. If Crosswalk will cover all the points needed for the game, I’ll updated it to work with Crosswalk on mobile platforms (Android & IOS). If you have some experiences to share, feel free to contact me


Update is on upload and buyers get notifed by mail if it’s available for download.


Last Update: 2 January 15; High Resolution: Yes; Compatible Browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, Layered PSD; Software Version: HTML5, Other.

WP Changelog Manager; Jack Copter - Android IOS and HTML5; Construct 2 - HTML5 Game Bundle Infinity; Angry Aliens - Construct 2; SteamPunk - Endless HTML5 Game with IAP; Zombie - Resurrection - Endless Fighting; Castle Run - Endless Runner with IAP.

Keywords: Anrdoid, Google Play Games, IAP, clone, construct, hd, high, highscore, ios, leaderboard, mario, platformer, resolution, super, tablet.


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