CodeCanyon Media Boxes Portfolio Responsive Grid 5683020

Media Boxes Portfolio Responsive Grid

CodeCanyon Media Boxes Portfolio Responsive Grid 5683020
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JavaScript - Media Boxes Portfolio Responsive Grid 5683020 by David_Blanco @ CodeCanyon

Script \ JavaScript \ Images and Media

Everything you need in a Portfolio!

Media Boxes is a very powerful portfolio, you can use it for a lot of things for example.

- As a very powerful portfolio with filtering, searching and sorting

- To make galleries

- To display your team members

- As a blog posts

- As a video / sound / image / google map gallery

- To display only text

- To put any other content that you can think

These are just some examples, there’s actually no limit on what you can do, it is very customizable and adaptable.

Stop waiting for all the thumbnails to load

If you specify the ratio of the thumbnails (width x height) the plugin will show you the layout and the content without any delay, then it will load each thumbnail separately (showing a loading wheel) so it will feel like the plugin loads faster (like in the demo).

Specify the ratio of your thumbnails

You can specify for each thumbnail that for certain width you want certain height and the plugin will cut the height for you (depending on the resolution, this works as the ratio). This is very handy when you want all your thumbnails to have the same dimensions.

Very powerful filter system

The plugin provides you tons of options for filtering.

- Define your own HTML markup for the filter

- Apply your own CSS style to the filter

- Add any number of filters

- Target multiple boxes

- Target some boxes and exclude others

- Add multiple categories to the boxes (belong to several categories)

- Use any jQuery selector

Search system

The plugin provides you the option to search in the current layout so you can find items very quickly, just specify what elements you want to target with the searching.

If you have a filter it will work together with the search feature, the popup and the load more feature will take in count this filtering as well.

Sort system

Sort the layout in real time, you can use text, numbers and even extend it for your own desires. Make your own sorting options, there’s no limit.

One of the fastest portfolios out there

The plugin is using Isotope v2 which is currently one of the fastest grid systems with filtering out there. Also it uses the best browser features when available (CSS3 transitions and GPU acceleration) and a fallback of simple animation for older browsers

Configure the layout for different resolutions

You can define the grid layout (the number of columns or the width) for different resolutions, for example maybe you want only one column for a mobile resolution, 3 columns for a tablet resolution and 5 columns for a desktop resolution.

Multiple Columns

One box can extend across several columns (usually 2), you only need to specify it, but play carefully with this option since in some resolutions you may find gaps between boxes because it may not fit perfectly all the time (according to Isotope logic).

One of the best Popups

The plugin is using the Magnific Popup which is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device.

You can load a lot of stuff in the popup like images, videos, sounds, iframes, HTML text, Google maps and ajax content (It doesn’t support video/sound files like .mp4 or .mp3, they need to be iframe based, like in Youtube or SoundCloud)

You can find plenty of support in google since it is a very popular popup, for example to add swipe support or many other features.

Deep linking

Directly link to the popup so you can share the popup content with your friends or in your social network, just copy and paste the URL generated when you open the popup.

Features List

- Fully responsive grid and popup

- Deep Linking

- Lazy Load Feature

- Load Load Feature

- The popup supports images, videos, sounds, iframes, HTML text, Google maps and ajax content of any dimensions and it will keep the right proportions

- Powerful filtering

- Searching system

- Sorting feature

- Retina ready icons

- Set the number of boxes to load at start and when you click the “load more” button

- Support thumbnails for the grid only to the images you want to improve performance

- Define the ratio of your thumbnails

- Auto cuts the height of the thumbnails with CSS techniques (if ratio defined)

- Full width, the grid will adapt to the 100% of its container if you set the width of each column to ‘auto’

- You can specify a static width for each column or specify number of columns

- Change the portfolio layout for different resolutions

- CSS3 Effects and GPU acceleration

- Tons of overlay effects

- Easy implementation

- Compatible with Twitter Bootstrap

- Deactivate and Activate Features through Javascript Options

- Fully customizable and adaptable to your needs

- Free Technical Support

I’ve used the following icons and scripts

- Font Awesome

- Isotope v2 ($25 developer license)

- Magnific Popup

- Other JS scripts that you can find in the JS folder

Change log
v2.5 – Oct 16, 2014

- Fixed some bugs with Firefox about the drop down menu

- Fixed some bugs with the filtering and the ‘minimum boxes per filter’ feature

- Fixed some JS logic

- Improved the usability of the drop down menu on mobile browsers

v2.4 – July 8, 2014

- Change the image icons for retina icons (Font Awesome)

- Added a drop down for sorting and filtering

- Added sorting examples

v2.3 – July 7, 2014

- Added search feature

- Added sorting feature

v2.2 – July 2, 2014

- Added an option named “considerFilteringInPopup” so the popup shows only boxes from the filter specified, this is true by default now.

- Changed the namespace of the imagesLoaded plugin since it would crash with the old version of isotope (if included in the same page)

v2.1 – June 28, 2014

- Added deep linking

v2.0 – June 25, 2014

- it is a totally new plugin

- all the logic behind changed

- CSS style changed

- HTML markup changed

- options changed

- make sure to read the docs before you upgrade

v1.0 – September 25, 2013

- initial release

You can take a look to the documentation HERE

Last Update: 4 December 14; Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS; Software Version: jQuery.

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