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Looking for a way to create vendor stores in WooCommerce?
Need a way to let product vendors sell items on your site?
Want to build a multi-vendor marketplace?
WooCommerce Multi Vendor lets you build a multi vendor store where you control who can sign up to become a product vendor and sell items on your site. Want to build a site like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Creative Market, or Envato where the site operators take a portion of the money for everything sold? No problem. WooCommerce Multi Vendor lets you do that. Set up your own multi vendor marketplace fast and easy.

Make Multi Vendor Marketplace and Don’t Leave Wordpress.
Here’s how it works.
You selectively turn on the ability for people to register on your site and apply to become a vendor using a simple button on their My Account page, to enable this option, you can use User Role Editor and Admin Menu Editor. When you approve a request the person whom you approved immediately gets a welcome message with a link to their new store on your site. At that point they can login, set a store title and description, upload a logo, and start posting products for sale.

In either case, after you have products published that are associated with a given vendor shoppers come to the site and buy those products. When the order is paid for you can either pay the vendors instantly using one of the available payment gateways, or you can optionally hold their commission for processing at a later time. Instant payments currently work with PayPal.

Note that, you can optionally use any payment gateway you want and pay your vendors using the Mass Pay payments features built into WooCommerce Multi Vendor, or pay vendors using any other method that works for you.

You control how much commission each vendor gets when their items sell. You can set a global commission that applies to all vendors, or set different commissions for different vendors, and even override commission amounts on a per product basis. You also have the ability to define commission amounts in dollars ( or whichever currency your site uses ). And to add another level of flexibility you can also choose whether the commission amount is for your site or the vendor or product.

Shipping for Vendors
You might wonder how you’d handle giving your vendors any shipping fees for their items. WooCommerce Multi Vendors can handle that for you. You can easily enable a setting in the plugin that causes any shipping fees and taxes associated with an order item to be given directly to the vendor of the item.

The shipping feature currently works with the Local Delivery and International Delivery methods built into WooCommerce, and it works with Per Product Shipping ( available from WooThemes ), but it’s not possible to use shipping plugin such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. as each of these require one zip code entered in the settings to calculate the shipping rates, but in our next update we will add support fo this plugin as well.

To enable setting shipping rates for each vendor/product you can use the Per Product Shipping Plugin.

You can also use PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin to allow your vendors to print packing slips directly from their orders.

No other product vendor plugin can do all that!
Vendors can add tracking numbers to their orders. The vendor can select the shipper from a list or enter a custom shipper name if they need to. Vendors also enter a tracking number and shipping date, and check a box if they want the tracking number sent the customer. The tracking data is added to the order as a customer note, and added as order item meta, which lets the shopper see this information underneath every item in their order. And, when the shopper views the order on their My Account page any tracking data in the order is displayed along with a clickable link to track the order online.

Vendors can also set a custom order status for the order. The status appears in the order item meta, so the shopper can easily see the status of each item in their order.

Taxes for Vendors
You can easily ensure that vendors receive the taxes related to their items. Just turn on that setting and you’re done. No extra plugins are required for delivering the taxes to vendors, just create a new tax class for the vendor and then add tax rates to that tax class.

Posting Vendor Products
If you allow vendors to post products on your site then they do that the same way you would by accessing the WordPress admin area. But, there are tight controls in place so product vendors only have access to their own products and associated media files.

Another powerful feature related to posting products is the ability for you to review every product before it goes live on your site. When a vendor posts a new product the plugin sends you an email telling you about that new posting. You can then review it and decide whether or not you want to publish it.

Posting Vendor Coupons
This feature only works with WooCommerce 2.1.x or newer. Vendors can manage their own coupons on your site if you enable this option in the plugin settings. Vendors configure and publish coupons exactly as an administrator or shop manager would, except that vendors can only edit their own coupons and no others.

Product Vendor Stores
On the public side of your site each vendor has their own store. The stores are built using a custom taxonomy in WordPress and WooCommerce. This means you can develop custom theme template files specifically for vendor stores. Refer to the WordPress theme documentation for details on custom templates for custom taxonomies.

In terms of viewing vendor stores on your site, you have control over some of the data that might be displayed.

Notify a vendor of an order
If you want to notify your product vendors of low stock levels or orders you can use the Advanced Notifications Plugin. or Advance Order Status for WooCommerce. However, there are plans to add this functionality to the Woocommerce Multi Vendor in a later version.


- Multi Vendor System for WooCommerce

- Vendor Creation by Admin

- Vendor user can Create Products

- Vendor management is as easy as managing product tags

- Each vendor has a dedicated page to display their products

- Manage your commissions with ease

- Accessible and readable reports for you and your vendors

- Set the Commission Rate in Product Level, Vendor Level and Global Level

- Multiple Selection of Vendor for a Product is Supported

- Support All Default Product Types

- Shortcode Supported for Viewing Vendor Log and Vendor Application Status

- Export CVS for PayPal Mass Pay

- Custom Slug Option for Vendor URL (Works except for Default Permalink Option)

- Translation Ready

- Automatic update

- and more
What’s the difference with other Multi vendor Plugin.

- We use Javascript and PHP to develop this plugin with love.

- You will get full control.

- Vendor user will get a UI friendly Dashboard.

- Developer Friendly

- Auto Upgrade using JSON

- Support any WordPress themes

- And many unique features.
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Last Update: 5 December 14; High Resolution: No; Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x; Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP; Software Version: WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5.

WordPress SEO Tracker; Woocommerce Anti Fraud; Woocommerce Customer History Tracker; Woocommerce Deposit Plugin.

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