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CodeCanyon WooCommerce Product Filter 8514038
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Plugin - WooCommerce Product Filter 8514038 by dzeriho @ CodeCanyon

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WooCommerce Product Filter v2.0.3
WooCommerce Products Filter is a powerful WordPress plugin which instantly enables your visitors to filter out products! This plugin is compatible with every Wordpress template. Just install the plugin, setup basic settings in the WooCommerce>Settings>Products Filter and your WooCommerce Products Filter will be ready to use. WooCommerce Product Filter works with custom WooCommerce attributes! Now check the Shop page!

WooCommerce Products Filter Plugin
Change your boring sorting select box into something a lot more modern! Works with every template!
Unlimited Filters!
Create unlimited filter presets and use them with the Product Filter shortcode or to override your product archives.
Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce interface
Settings for the WooCommerce Products Filter can be found in WooCommerce>Settings>Products Filter!
Product Filter Shortcode!
Use to easily insert products on pages as your WooCommerce shortcodes would but with the Product Filter!
Product Filter Widget!
You can also use the widget version! Just add Product Filter in your shop sidebar or use with shortcode!
Translation Ready!
All files are ready for translation. WPML is supported!
Works with WooCommerce Product Attributes and Custom Taxonomies!
Easy integration with your shop. This plugin pays for itself! Use taxonomies from third party plugins like WooCommerce Brands.
AJAX Product Filter and AJAX Widget!
AJAX loading. Both shortcode and widget! Ultra fast!
Presets Included!
Unlimited presets! Create, save, load, delete, override Product Filter layouts with the all new preset manager!
Adoptive Filtering
Fastest adoptive filtering on the market! Filter thru thousands of products and their terms in order to show just the ones that are left after the search query and all that in 0.0005sec!
In Stock/Out of Stock Filter!
Browse only in stock products while ignoring the unavailable out of stock products.
For Developers!
Actions are provided to insert Product Filter without any trouble.
See WooCommerce Products Filter in action here!

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.3
- added filter title override
- fixed double // in the filter titlte
- fixed double titles for advanced filters and characteristcs
- fixed viewing taxonomies without taxonomies filters. this caused major issues on filtering within taxonomies when there's no current taxonomy filter included
- fixed web font
- fixed overrides

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.2
- fixed AJAX widget filter
- fixed failing price filters on some rare installations
- fixed 'No products found string' in the top bar when no products override is active
- fixed more issues regarding the 2.0.0 release

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.1
- issues regarding the 2.0.0 release
- fixed filter not opening
- fixed missing attribute styles
- fixed missing attributes

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.0
- added AJAX shortcode
- added in stock filter
- added custom taxonomies
- added filter presets manager. now you can use unlimited filter presets with save, load & delete preset
- added filter reorder
- added product filter overrides for product archive pages
- added custom labels
- fixed adoptive filtering, now it's done properly, optimized and speed up about 99%, no more memory exhausted issues
- fixed all issues regarding deselecting filter terms
- fixed iphone, ipad issues with the select mode
- fixed all issues regarding permalinks
- fixed min_price & max_price fail
- fixed select box not opening in rare templates
- fixed category hierarchy parent select
- fixed sale posts_join and where clauses
- fixed custom action shortcode issues

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.5.0
- added multi select settings for categories, tags, characteristics and attributes
- added category hierarchy
- added action parameter for the shortcode (now you can use only filter on one page and display results on another)
- added http_query parameter for the shortcode (now you can basically create any WP query for your products)
- added Spanish language .po file
- fixed responsive issues caused by custom scroller
- fixed categories, tags, attributes archive pages filter issues and filter support
- fixed translation and translation issues
- fixed form actions
- optimized filters

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.4.1
- fixed archive sale filter
- fixed dismiss attribute filter #2
- fixed adoptive filters tags, categories, characteristics
- fixed attributes and adoptive filters issues
- fixed errors with adoptive filters
- fixed z-index filter issues
- fixed widget queries
- optimized adoptive filters

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.4.0
- added adoptive filtering (display only available categories, tags, attributes based on the current filter search)
- added filter select box preset
- added widget min-height feature
- added widget select box preset
- added change icon option
- added disable bar option
- added disable sale option
- added shortcode parameters (min_price,max_price,product_cat,product_tag,product_characteristics,product_attribute)
- fixed filter duplicates
- fixed categories, tags, attributes archives. now filter knows what is selected and acts accordingly
- fixed widget filter and orderby filter duplicates
- fixed filter CSS
- fixed runkit and thumbnails override error on activation (now you need to check the option to override variable images)
- fixed more stuff under the hood
- fixed large thumbnails on attributes
- fixed dismiss attribute filter
- fixed z-index issues
- depricated filter border preset (use Arrow instead and customize it with the custom CSS option in your theme)

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.3.0
- added instant filtering
- added filter always open
- added thumbnails for attributes
- added thumbnail mode
- added thumbnail and title mode
- added one row mode with scrollbars (max height feature)
- added column controls (when used with max height only one row will be shown, if not columns will fill the next row once the current is full)
- added select terms to include for categories, tags, attributes
- added javascript custom scroll bar (option to use the default scrollbars is also included)
- added shortcode query options
- changed the price filter, added new options
- fixed reduced all queries to a single one
- fixed filtering queries, now filters are working perfect
- fixed number of products found
- fixed show WooCommerce price format
- fixed filter on search query

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.4
- fixed `runkit_function_rename` bug
- fixed widget form action (single products issues and similar)

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.3
- fixed `woocommerce_get_product_thumbnail` bug
- added shortcode min_price, max_price parameters

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.2
- fixed shortcode product count
- added disable product filter template

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.1
- fixed price and sale filter
- fixed number of products found
- added widget presets

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.0
- added Product Filter Widget version
- added Product Filter shortcode for only displaying filter [prdctfltr_sc_get_filter]
- added filter for variable product images / now variations show their own images
- added filter responsive display
- fixed sale filter for variable products

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.1.0
- added Product Filter shortcode for displaying products with filter on pages [prdctfltr_sc_products $args]
- added action for displaying Product Filter on custom templates
- added showing "You might like products" on searches without any finds
- fixed CSS for layout attributes
- fixed queries
- fixed number of products found
- fixed filter not working on shop pages that are set as frontpage

+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.0.1
- added WooCommerce product attributes support
- fixed template override when current theme override is active

Last Update: 8 December 14; High Resolution: Yes; Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Compatible With: WPML, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP; Software Version: WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5.

User Submissions for Wordpress; Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce; Item Bar PHP; Cool Timeline Posts for Wordpress; Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce; Widget Customizer for Wordpress.

Keywords: attributes, commerce, e-commerce, ecommerce, filter, filters, increase sales, price, product filter, products sorting, sale products, shop, shop filter, widget, woocommerce filter.


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