CodeCanyon Booki A booking plugin for WordPress 7460830

Booki A booking plugin for WordPress

CodeCanyon Booki A booking plugin for WordPress 7460830
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Plugin - Booki A booking plugin for WordPress 7460830 by Typps @ CodeCanyon

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Booki°™A modern booking plugin for WordPress
Booki allows you to create bookings with time that adapt to customers timezone .
Lets say you are located in Asia or America and the customer viewing your booking is located in Europe. Booki will calculate the time differences and show the time to your customer in the customers local time.

Booki has a built-in forms builder complete with validation and bells and whistles. This means you can create solutions to almost any type of booking system.

Booki lets you create optional billable items . If your booking requires that the customer have a range of optional services, you can create them with associated costs.

In Booki, not all days need to have the same cost. The cost you set can vary by the day .

Your customers get a history page where they can view past bookings, make payment directly for pending bookings or cancel a booking within a time range you control.

Editors in Booki can manage bookings . They get a “Bookings” page in their dashboard where they can cancel or confirm bookings.

We have around 24 calendars you can pick from!

You can get people to pay you later by sending out invoices to solicit payment after booking.

Both the front-end and the back-end are responsive in Booki.

We are also proud to announce compatibility with WPML.

The Demo
+ Front end demo .
+ backend demo

Demo resets every 1 hour and it is also limited in what can be done.

- Make reservations

- Make appointments

- Time adapts to customers timezone

- PayPal payments and refunds. Additionally customize your PayPal page with custom logo and styling

- Cart system for purchasing multiple bookings. Include in your pages via shortcode or widget

- Include a booking in your pages via shortcode or widget

- Include booking “listings” with thumbnail and description along with search filter via shortcode or widget

- Customer views complete booking history

- Customer can cancel booking

- Customer can settle unpaid bookings directly from their control panel

- Customer can make booking and pay later (gets an invoice)

- Admin can create up to the minute bookings

- Admin can include/exclude specific days or time when creating a booking

- Set separate costs by the day or time periods

- Add extra billable items to your bookings whose cost adds up to the booking total

- Create deposits, where a percentage is paid now and the rest upon arrival

- Seasons support allow you to easily customize cost and time slots for days in groups.

- Admin and Editors can Approve bookings

- Admin and Editors can Cancel bookings

- Admin can refund bookings

- Admin can receive email when bookings are paid for

- Admin can receive email when new bookings are made

- Create discount coupons and email to user directly

- Create discounts that just apply without coupons

- Mass create discount coupons and export to MailChimp along with user info

- Create new bookings and email them to a new/existing user directly

- Solicit payment by sending invoices for unpaid bookings

- Customize the various email messages the system sends out to customers

- Supports 24 jQuery UI calendar themes out of the box. Additionally make calendars flat and border less or add your own theme

- Supports only English out of the box but you can provide your own translation as .po files

- Export bookings, users and coupons separately to CSV files

- Booking statistics of total bookings, total amount earned, total discounts given, payments made count, payments pending count, refunds count and view bookings, sales and refunds made in the last 3 months.

changeset 2.6d – 16/november/2014

Bug fix: regression bug. Selected time slots and timezone weren't showing in admin backend correctly.
Bug Fix: Emails now correctly show additional days/time slots per optional item/optional cascading list item.

Changeset 2.6b – 07/november/2014

This is a quick maintenance release.
Bug Fix: checkboxes created using custom form builder now work correctly.
Improved: fixed layout issues with checkboxes/radiobuttons since our last upgrade of bootstrap.
Improved: value field in form builder now forces a value for radiobuttons and has proper validation.
Bug Fix: csv export generated now correctly outputs optionals
Bug Fix: when adding multiple projects to cart, all project's optionals are now correctly displayed in the order summary and email.

Changeset 2.6 – 22/october/2014

This is just a maintenance release! More larger updates coming.
Bug fix: regression bug --create new booking manually from backend was broken.
Bug fix: event log clears correctly now after expiry x days.
Improvement: Timeslot dropdownlist is now disabled when no slots available for the day.
Improvement: Updated bootstrap from bootstrap-3.0 to bootstrap-3.2

Changeset 2.5 – 29/09/2014

Bug fix: Regression bug in date range selections.

Changeset 2.4 – 24/09/2014

Bug fix: Selecting date format DD.MM.YYYY resulted in clientside error
--when a date range was selected.
Bug fix: regression in create bookings page (admin dashboard)
--fixed a coding error which threw a warning.
Bug fix: "Match a url" validation was broken.
Improved: Date ranges now are aware of booked dates
--that are in between the from/to range and
--will not allow booking those dates.
Improved: dynamic strings that contained quotes were escaped,
--this is because of magic quotes enabled. We're stripping slashes now regardless.
Improved: booki-list does not use tables anymore and
--layout inconsistencies in firefox fixed.
Improved: Upgraded admin area to use latest version of backbone.
--this brings a better experience in themes that force backbone.
Improved: project list now has a new property "Enable Item Heading".
--lets you add the project name when a project in the grid is selected.
Improved: if all timeslots are before the current time i.e.
--i.e. no more time slots left, a message is displayed.

Changeset 2.3
– 03/August/2014

Bug fix: Setting "Maximum booking days or time slots" with time slots enabled.
--Allowed multiple days to be selected. This is a bug, fixed.
Updated: parsleyjs translations.
Improved: cascading list label was missing WPML translation.
Improved: WPML translations for dynamic strings. Should be all fine now.

Changeset 2.2 – 29/August/2014

Bug fix: Resource strings page wasn't applying the changes.

Changeset 2.1 – 24/August/2014

Changeset 2.1
Bug fix: Regression bug, Booki-list wasn't showing the description.
Bug fix: Booking approvals on anonymous users wasn't sending the email. Fixed.

Changeset 2.0 – 23/August/2014

Added: initial WPML support. This is still ongoing
--as we're waiting for the folks at WPML to finish testing booki.
Added: String Resources page in backend.
--You can now quickly customize all text fields
--found in the booking form and checkout cart.
Added: Support for non range time slots
Added: an option to set no-cache setting
now available in the "General Settings" page.
Improved: Cascading lists. Now these can be used
as regular dropdownlists with cost and you
can have as many as you like.
Improved: Paypal sandbox does not require manual
--changes in config file anymore.
Improved: admin backend, now has modal blocking progress.
Improved: manual approvals/cancellation of non-registered users
--now non registered users will receive notifications as expected
--without requiring you to register the user first.
Improved: timezone inconsistencies
--when selecting booking in admin panel
Improved: timezone region list includes
--only main regions/continents now.
Improved: inline calendar now does not
--float over content but rather
--stays fixed on the page as it should.
Improved: tax now shows in the inital form
--if tax is enabled.
Improved: added check for valid date/time (serverside) during booking.
Bug fix: Regression, registered users appeared to be non-members.
--had a typo in the field name.
Bug fix: clientside error handling on booki-list search.
Bug fix: Form elements min/max validation containing values of zero broke validation

Changeset 1.9 – Internal builds, never saw the light of day

Changeset 1.8 – 04/August/2014

Fixed: Regression bug in csv export.
--Affected also bookings page,
wasn't showing correctly if
user is registered or not.
Improved: Display of firstname, lastname, email in bookings page
--for non registered users.

changetset 1.7 – 03/August/2014

Added: New "Display Once Form" setting in "General Settings".
--When using multiple projects that have display once form fields
--those fields will need to filled only the first time.
Improved: Refunds.
--Items marked as payed manually
--now allow manual refunds.
--Items with zero cost cannot be refunded.
Improved: minimum days/time slots requirement
--now respected in checkout cart. cannot remove.
Improved: required optionals and cascades
--now respected in checkout cart. cannot remove.
Improved: time slots don't allow booking past time for the day.
Fixed: Regression bug Agents receive their emails as always.
Fixed: Regression bug that affects setups where
--the cart is disabled. Fixed now.
Improved: when a time lapse is set,
if we are on the last time slot it is rendered now.

Changeset 1.6 – 27/July/2014

Fixed: Regression bug that involves cascading optionals.
Improved: Paypal checkout page,
--time slot maintain selected timezone and padding.
Improved: Paypal button is now correctly disabled when.
--total cost is zero, while cart is disabled.

Changeset 1.5 – 26/July/2014

Added : check in / next day check out
Added: Can now set minimum no. of days required
Added: Can now set minimum no. of time slots required.
Added: Can now set a maximum no. of time slots allowed.
Added: Refine selected days with a week selector for special days.
Added: Set custom coupon codes and
--Super coupon valid for more than single use
--limited only by expiration date.
Improved: csv export of each booking now includes
--comma separted list of projectNames
--comma separated list of booking dates and time slots
--comma separated list of optional selections
--comma separated list of cascading item selections
Improved: Project deletion.
Improved: Allows entering special characters (?, ?, ? ..and so forth) in
--project name, optional name, cascading list name etc.
Improved: order calculations on large values,
--including discounts and tax.
Improved: deposits
Fixed: typo in the code. Was throwing a warning
--with WP_DEBUG enabled.
Fixed: Corrected large discounts
--where applied discount on paypal checkout was wrong.
Fixed: Corrected Tax
Fixed: If user somehow circumvents clientside validation
--serverside validation catches it, but the errors
--weren't showing. Now they will.
Fixed: we don't call get_current_screen() anymore.
Fixed: firefox radio button groups weren't getting selected.

Changeset 1.4.9 – 15/July/2014

Improved: Added firstname+lastname+email in bookings view
--even if user is not registered
--and added a new "register user" option in this view that allows to
--register the user with this information directly because booki likes
--registered users and gives preferential treatment!
Improved: Better handling of user submitted data
Fixed: exporting coupons to csv was broken
--added more information in the csv.
Fixed: calculation of time lapse a (little?) off by one day
Fixed: A warning was thrown in the user history page.

Changeset 1.4.8 – 13/July/2014

Added: Deposits (useful for bed & breakfast bookings)
--min no. of days to trigger deposit
--deposit is a percentage value of the selected bookings
Added: booking start lapse.
--A number of days you can set before bookings are allowed.
--minimum is 1 day.
Added: one click option to cancel all bookings within
--single order in user history.
Added: notifications for user initiated cancel request.
--now admin or agents get notifications for these requests.
Added: Honeypot capcha support to fight spam
Added: Portuguese language file.
--thanks to one of our greatest users (Daniel)
Added: Project level discount coupons.
--You can now make a discount coupon valid for
--only certain projects.
Improved: continue url, now goes to the
--destination page set in "General settings".
Improved: Fixes issues in multi-site setup
--where bookings never get deleted
--even though they were deleted from
--the backend. Now fixed.
Improved: Removed newlines from emails for better
--interoperability with third party email template plugins
--because some plugins love to replace newline with br and p elements.
Improved: Removed newlines from short-code generated output
--because some themes love to replace newline with br and p elements.
Improved: Cascading lists now included in agent emails.
Improved: subtle validation bulletlist styling inconsistency.
Improved: New booking notifications to admin/agents sent only
--if payment completed when payment is enabled.
Improved: Booking period with 0 cost now allows payment
--i.e. if optionals/cascading lists contain a cost greater than 0.
Improved: excluded dates in booking period allowed booking?
--Apparently, fixed.
Improved: Global discounts. Now applies the discount when
--a discount or a minimum is provided in general settings
Fixed: Coupon discounts not applied correctly on large values.
Fixed: Date formatting issues in php 5.2
Fixed: Validation in backend.
--regressions caused by updating parsley. All good now.
Fixed: Admin user selection in "General Settings"
--now shows the selected user in the
--dropdown list if selection changes.
Fixed: Appointment based booking.
--Excluded weekdays now remain excluded, period.
Fixed: deleting bookings made by user, appear to still show
--that the days are available, when actually deleted.
Fixed: Some themes override our version of bootstrap with older versions, fixed.

Changeset 1.4.7a – 24/june/2014

Fixed: html no longer gets stripped from the description.
Fixed: Regression bug in radio button, attributes missing in form builder. Solved.
Fixed: Regression bug in dropdownlist when switching from preview,
---- extra space added for each item. Solved.
Fixed: updated translation files to reflect the changes
---- in string changes introduced in 1.4.7

Changeset 1.4.7 – 22/june/2014

Added: Support for seasonal costs
Added: non blocking validation error is displayed
--when switching tabs
Added: optionally combine booking form and custom form
--all in one
--removes tabs.
Added: option to hide selected days in multi-select/range select option.
Added: single click approve/cancel multiple days/timeslots & optionals
Added: Manually mark payments as paid (for payments on arrival)
Added: Included firstname/lastname and email fields
--directly in bookings view ( for admin)
Removed: Forced validation when switching tabs.
Fixed: Tax rounding up and not maintaining float value.
Fixed: header already set error when clearing Booki.
Fixed: uninstalling now correctly redirects to the plugins page.
Fixed: Date format containing period (Y.m.d)
Fixed regression bug: coupon codes not working.
Fixed regression bug: "Display only once" setting in
--form builder was broken after parsley update.
Improvement: Email notifications weren't being made on
--some wordpress setups, now fixed.
Improvement: firstname and lastname included in new user created profile
--if this information is available.
Improvement: Changed session timeout to 30minute intervals for the booki cart.

Changeset 1.4.6 – 13/06/2014

Added: Terms and Conditions field
--to the form builder.
Upgraded: Parsley, the validation framework
--used by Booki has been updated to the
latest 2.0 version
Added: Translations for parsley validation
Added: Options settable in booking period tab.
Added: Booking limitations based on
--number of bookings settable
--in booking period.
Added: a counter representing the number
--of bookings left.
Added: option in the project tab to
--change the label of the booking
--counter, defaults to.
--%d seats left. Hurry!
Added: Multi-instance support
--you can now add more than one booki item
--to the same page
Added: You can now insert custom html content
--before the booking calendar and
--after the booking calendar.
--This new setting is available in the projects tab.
Fixed: date range in booki-list
--it's now locale sensitive
--calendar now uses flat style
--and all other settings, if
--this is enabled in general settings.
Fixed: date formatting bugs in booki-list
Fixed: Approval/Cancellation of bookings
--had lots of incongruency
Improved: Refreshed details view
--looks a bit more compact now

Changeset 1.4.5b – 06/06/2014

Fixed regression in stats page.
--had a warning for missing argument.
Fixed a regression for PayPal.
--Sandbox was enabled by default in config file.

Changeset 1.4.5a – 05/06/2014

Added: Cascading dropdown list (A new form of optionals)
--includes new ui to create and manage cascades
--behaves just like the optionals but loads
--elements based on parent list selection.
Improved: Booking was successfully received notification
Fixed: When setting first day of week,
--the buttons panel was activated instead.
Fixed: checkboxlist and radiobuttonlist default selections.
Fixed: checkboxlist default selection when.
--booking mode is "Every booking"
Removed: author credits from admin pages footer
--ego had gotten the best of me, but no more
Improved: our calendar now renders better
Improved: made some of the css selectors stronger
--to avoid overriding
Fixed: costs over 1000 which
--got truncated at the thousand separator.
Fixed: some themes had issues with
--jquery ui datepicker.
Fixed: with some themes our dropdownlists
--appeared chewed up. Solved.
Fixed: validation now correctly stops you from
switching tabs, if there are
validation errors.
Fixed: some dateformats ignored excluded days.
Fixed: validation when switching between tabs.
--tab does not switch if there are validation errors.

Changeset 1.4.4 – 28/May/2014

Added a new setting for optionals .
[.] Apply to each booking
- A booking can be a collection
- of days and time slots ( default)
[.] Apply to each day / time slot
Added a new setting for optionals .
[.] checkbox list
--can select multiple items
[.] radiobutton list
--single selection
Added a new setting for optionals .
[.] Validation - minimum number of
- optional items to be checked
Added selection highlighting for optional item.
--Setting available in general settings
--under themes.
Added new template for successful booking.
--Email now sent when booking is made.
--Previously, email was sent only
--when booking was confirmed
Added translation in Italian
Fixed: some bugs in appointment based calendar
--booked dates that didn't include timeslots
--now get disabled correctly.
Fixed: Mini cart regression bug

Changeset 1.4.3D – 23/05/2014

Added: Compatibility for MyISAM data table formats.
-previously we supported only InnoDB table formats.
Fixed: a little bug in day based appointment bookings.

Changeset 1.4.3a – 19/05/2014

Fixed: Regression bug in datepicker when setting booking period.
-This is due to having added datepicker localization, fixed!

Changeset 1.4.3 – 19/05/2014

Added: Custom textbox form field for emails can now be used to
-register user in the background. User will be sent login credentials
-along with notifications and have booking history.
-Alternatively use the email to send a one time off booking notification.
-No user registration takes place in this case. Uses a new email template.
Added: Interval for timeslot splits. Now split with precision.
Added: Datepicker localization. Now picks up language from your wordpress locale.
Added: More date formats to choose from in "General Settings".
Added: Option to change currency, when payments are disabled.
Added: Booki pages now work on short-codes by default.
Improved: Appointment based booking.
Improved: "Book now" in cart when anonymous bookings was enabled.
Removed: Booki handler pages that got registered. Cleaner, better.
Removed: Booki pages dont use custom templates anymore.
Removed: Templating in favor of short-codes. Easier, faster, better.
Removed: Custom page via short-code section in General settings.
-No longer needed. Automated when upgrading or installing first time.
Fixed: Reworked how we retrieve user info from wp_user tables.
Fixed: Bug in invoices.
Fixed: Setting currency values was formatted wrongly.

Changeset 1.4.2a – 12/May/2014

Fixed: Regression bug in the cart system. The proceed to login button was broken.

Changeset 1.4.2 – 12/May/2014

Added: Project duplication.
Added: Book and pay *now* or pay *later*. Now available together.
Added: Option to not show booked timeslots.
Added: booki-cart shortcode.
Added: booki-bill shortcode.
Added: booki-ppconfirmation shortcode.
Added: booki-ppcancel shortcode.
Added: booki-itemdetails shortcode.
Added: booki-history shortcode.
Added: booki-stats shortcode.
Fixed: Appointment based bookings.
Fixed: Timezone was still showing in booking details after disabling.
Fixed: Inline-calendar on mobile looking good now.
Fixed: long date formats now use your wordpress localization settings.
Fixed: Some WP installs dont return the default timezone.
Fixed: Long date formats used throughout booki are locale sensitive now.

Changeset 1.4.1 – 07/May/2014

Added: popup calendars now get flat styled.
Added: You can set the firstday in calendar now.
Added: New option on PayPal settings. Item category digital/physical.
Improvement: Templates, can include only* the template you want now.
Fix: Paypal was using sandbox even when wanting to go live.
Fix: When add to cart was unchecked, the same page reloaded instead.
Fix: Optional items was missing the heading, brought it back.

Changeset 1.4 – 05/May/2014

Added: an email field on projects for new bookings notifications.
Improved: Grouped all options in the General settings page. Cleaner. Easier. Faster.
Improved: Grouped common options in the project tab. Cleaner. Easier, Better.
Improved: redirection from Login/registration.
Improved: Booking details view in dashboard. Now contains project name.
Deprecated: the option "redirect to cart after login". Booki handles this auto now.
Enabled: Opened up Booki custom page options in WordPress page editor.
Enabled: Booki custom pages now allow editing content and title in wp page editor.
Fixed: confirm/notify, if payments are disabled & auto confirm enabled.
Fixed: A regression bug in the image gallery used on the project tab.
Fixed: Email notifications included the wrong total after discount.
Added: Emails now include the project name of the booking.
Workflow fix: Upon login/registration, sending user back to the booking cart.
WordPress 3.9 tested.

Changeset 1.3.3c 01/05/2016

--1.3.3.a and 1.3.3.b were internal revision builds.
NEW FEATURE: Added custom pages for user history and editor stats.
NEW FEATURE: Added option to take you straight to the cart page from booking.
NEW FEATURE: Added option to set an admin user by email.
ADDED: Added option to select who owns anonymous bookings by default.
ADDED: Added option to provide the email of who gets notification on new booking.
Fixed: "send invoice" button from showing for non-registered users.
Fixed: Excluding weekdays didn't exclude the days in the calendar, fixed.
Fixed: When booking days limit > 1, selected date now gets added to days list.
Fixed: some wp setups don't return admin user, tsk tsk! Reclaimed.
Fixed: in bookings the field "status" is now labelled "payment"s.

Changeset 1.3.2 – 29/04/2016

[*]Fixed MailChimp conflicts with other plugins.
[*]Fixed a bug that occurred when you enable payments and switch off cart.
[*]Enhanced css to resist themes disrupting Booki.
[*]Fixed a datetime conversion bug, specifically when date format was dd/mm/yyyy again!

Change set 1.3 – 28/04/2014

[.]NEW FEATURE : Editors now get bookings claimed to them when they approve one.
[.]New FEATURE : Editors now get a stats page of their approvals.
[.]NEW FEATURE : Provide discounts without coupons. Based on a minimum bookings rule.
[.]NEW FEATURE : Added one step booking. Cart system is optional now.
[.]NEW FEATURE : Anonymous bookings, you now have a membershipRequired option.
[.]Removed prices in booking. Uncheck "include price" setting in global settings.
[.]Checkout button now available on both tabs when booking.
[.]Fixed bug : in calendar where days older than current day weren't disabled
[.]Fixed bug : Auto Approval of booking was not approving the optional items.
[.]Fixed bug : bookings would cause app to choke when date format was dd/mm/yyyy
[.]Fixed layout in the mini cart widget, specifically project groupings.
[.]Fixed buttons layout in the cart check out page.
[.]Fixed asp_tags flag issues being turned on some web hosts.
[.]Improved our selectors priority to safe guard from themes overriding plugins styles.
[.]Fixed inconsistencies in discounts throughout Booki.
[.]Fixed bill settlement page layout to fit the entire screen estate.
[.]Fixed bug : booking total updated with discount too early.
[.]Incremented project description field.

Change set 1.2.1 23/04/2014

Namespaced OAuth library that PayPal library uses.
Fixed the Uninstaller, wasn't deactivating the plugin nor deleting the tables.
Ensured that the plugin initializes on 'after_setup_theme' and not 'plugins_loaded'.

Change set 1.2 – 16/04/2014

[.]NEW FEATURE: Added a range picker for bookings
[.]NEW FEATURE: Added option to select multiple time slots at the same time.
[.]Fixed bug in the carts total count
[.]Fixed bug in the “Booking period” tab.
[.]Fixed bug in the bookable time slots list box.
[.]Fixed a bug where the booked day was getting selected by the calendar.
[.]Fixed bug in selected days list.
[.]Fixed bug where booking was always disabled on the final day.
[.]Calendar and all relevant fields now remain disabled if everything is added to cart.
[.]Improved appointment based bookings.
[.]Calendar now aware of booked days and automatically selects the next available day.
[.]Now displays message if all bookings have been added to cart.
[.]Fixed progress bar when time slots are loaded via an ajax request.
[.]Fixed some inconsistencies in the timezone switcher.
[.]Checkout button was enabled, even when there were no items added to cart. Fixed.
[.]When deleting a project, the orders table remained orphaned. This is fixed now.
[.]Removed popup dialog icons from Mini-cart.
[.]Stopped time in mini-cart from breaking into a new line.
[.]Fixed cart page layout on Firefox.
[.]Applied scrollbars to minicart in case we have too many items in them.
[.]Added some preformatting classes in Booki which you can use with the form builder
[.]Refactored code.
[.]Updated language files.
[.]Updated template files.
[.]Updated documentation

Change set 1.1 – 15/04/2014

[.]Upgraded the simple booking cart to a rich one.
[.]Now it lists all booked items in a dropdownlist.
[.]You can remove items from the cart.
[.]It is always visible even when there aren't any bookings.
[.]It remains disabled when there aren't any bookings.
[.]Created a better workflow for adding items to cart.
[.]Added a new add to cart button to bookings.
[.]Now the checkout button only takes you to cart
[.]New: Add to cart button adds an item to cart, visible in the booking cart.
[.]New: Now the checkout button only takes you to cart
[.]Fixed css styling of the “Book now” and “Proceed” buttons in the checkout page.
[.]Fixed a bug in Appointment bookings which had time slots.
[.]Fixed a date formatting bug when choosing a short date format other than default.
[.]Appointment bookings now disable days in the date picker when one is added to cart.
[.]Made a workflow improvement to the previous version.

Last Update: 17 November 14; High Resolution: No; Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Compatible With: WPML, Bootstrap 3.x; Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL; Software Version: WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5.

Path Style Menu - WordPress; Path Style Menu.

Keywords: accommodation, appointment, booking, calendar, coach, doctor, fitness, hotel, lesson, meeting, patient, rental, reservation, taxi, teacher.


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