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ThemeKit Multiple Themes & UI Framework

ThemeForest ThemeKit Multiple Themes & UI Framework 6767145
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Site Template - ThemeKit Multiple Themes & UI Framework 6767145 by mosaicpro @ ThemeForest

Site Template \ Admin Templates

ThemeKit – Multiple Themes for Apps & Websites
Purchase once and get endless amazing FREE updates along with new Themes . Once you purchased ThemeKit, you are entitled to get all the future updates including those announced as coming soon with no additional cost for the same license.

Music Website Theme
The music theme you’ll love. Built for music enthusiasts, with many specialised features for the music industry, our Music Theme allows your users to listen and explore music in style.

Social Network Themes
ThemeKit provides multiple Full–fledged Social Network Themes with specialised user interface and components such as Timelines, Covers, Profiles, Comments, Chat and many more features required by any Social Network Website.

Admin Themes
Dashboard Admin Theme and UI for management apps & websites. Includes beautiful charting tools for reporting and many other features for business.

Learning Theme
Learning skills on the web is becoming more natural and immersive by day. Our Learning Theme can help your new educational project inspire others today.

UI Framework
With ThemeKit, you get a beautifully designed multi-purpose UI framework, with tons of features for customizing the looks and behaviour of your Theme – compatible with any of the Themes included.

ThemeKit – Admin & Website Template
We are committed to deliver ongoing high-quality updates and prime customer support all free for existing buyers. Feel free to drop us any requests or suggestions you may have in the comments. Enjoy ThemeKit!

FIX RELEASE – 28 Dec 2014

- This update includes an important fix for a bug affecting several modules in the latest version 3.5.0.

- The issue was caused by an “exclude” entry within the _grunt.config.json file, essentially causing vendor-core.js to be omitted from several modules (essential, layout, sidebar, navbar, color), and it was also excluded from the vendor-bundle-all.js bundle, causing errors for missing 3rd party libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap.

- The fixed update is available for download now.

- We apologize for the inconvenience.

Current Version 3.5.0 – 28 Dec 2014

- Added Music Theme.

- Home page with smart tabbed covers (different layouts on different screen sizes), top charts, upcoming events, albums;

- Discover page with Browse albums, filter by genre, price, etc;

- Album page with integrated cover media player, playlist, comments, artist profile and top charts;

- Sidebar with multiple tabbed views (activity, top plays, chat, etc);

- Media players.

- Audio Players with playlist;

- Video Players with playlist;

- Audio & Video Players for single media (without playlist);

- Audio player with cover for single media (without playlist);

- Audio player with cover and playlist;

- Footer with media player;

- Dark and Light media player skins;

- Added Essentials KIT.

- The Essentials KIT includes the must-have components for every website and represents the basics of the vast
UI framework included with ThemeKit, organized into a single module; It covers various components from
Buttons, Tabs, Progress bars, Forms, Alerts, Portlets, Drag & Drop components, tree views, CSS and
JavaScript grid systems and more;

- Improved Tabs.

- Added specific screen size classes to control the vertical tabs on different screens and devices;

- Added .tabs-highlight-top and .tabs-highlight-bottom classes to apply a top or bottom highlight on active tabs;

- Added tabs with horizontal scroll;

- Improved Navbar.

- Added Login / signup form dropdowns;

- Added .navbar-dropdown-hover class for use with the .navbar element to enable toggle of dropdown menus
on mouse hover instead of click on medium and large desktop screen sizes;

- Fixed custom .btn styling to only apply to .btn-default – allows the use of other colored buttons within the

- Fixed small spacing and border issues for .navbar-form and .navbar-nav when used with .navbar-right;

- Improved Sidebars.

- Added Sidebar Tabs;

- Added specific screen size classes to control the sidebar size on small to medium screen sizes; for the full CSS class reference, see the documentation;

- Added .sidebar-link class for regular sidebar links;

- Added new type of .list-group inside sidebars when the .list-group is also .sidebar-block – with this configuration, the list group takes the full width of the sidebar;

- Fixed .sidebar-block border color on white based skins;

- Fixed issue with “esc” key binding for closing the sidebar;

- Fixed issue with sidebar scrollable area when displaying the sidebar for the first time;

- Added .list-group-striped class for alternating background colors on it’s .list-group-item elements;

- Added .list-group-minimal class for a more simplistic .list-group menu style;

- Added .sidebar-block-full class to remove the horizontal spacing of the .sidebar-block and take the full width of the sidebar;

- Improved styling when using more sidebars with the same dark skin next to each other;

- Updated font weight for links within .list-group-item to be the same as for the .sidebar-menu items;

- Improved sidebar & sidebar skins CSS code quality;

- Improved Forms.

- New input form control type;

- Improved Covers.

- Improved code quality (refactored CSS);

- Added classes to control the cover height (auto by default) .cover-height-60-all to .cover-height-500-all in
increments of 20px; the -all suffix applies to all screen sizes, and -xs, -sm, -md and -lg applies only to
their respective screen sizes;

- Added classes to control overlays positions (fluid sticky bottom as default and .overlay-full for a
full-screen cover overlay) and backgrounds (transparent by default, .overlay-bg-grey for grey,
.overlay-bg-black for black & .overlay-bg-white for white – these classes also change the color of
headings and paragraphs within the .overlay element);

- Added support for any heading type within overlays;

- Improved paragraph sizes within overlays (default 16px and .lead 21px);

- Updated .cover.overlay – images are no longer 100% width, now the .cover needs .cover-image-full for
stretching the image;

- Added positioning classes for overlay elements (place anything at the top with .v-top, center vertically and
horizontally with .v-center and at bottom with .v-bottom);

- Added .v-spacing-2 class for double the spacing on .v-top, .v-center and .v-bottom overlay elements;

- Removed margins for headings inside .v-top;

- Added .hover class for overlays that should be displayed only on hover with a smooth transition effect -
overlays are visible by default; the .hover class is applied on the .cover while the overlay requires

- Added support for multiple overlays

- UI Components.

- New UI component for multi level tree views and menus

- Regular tree views with simplistic design and font icons;

- Tree views with drag & drop;

- Tree views with checkboxes and radio controls;

- Sidebars with tree views;

- General Improvements.

- Fixed custom scroll for the main scrolling content area when using .st-layout in combination with right

- Fixed .btn-circle when used with .btn-xs, .btn-sm or .btn-lg;

- Fixed .form-group grid spacing issues when used inside .form-horizontal;

- Fixed z-index issue with the carousel’s navigation and it’s items within .owl-mixed – the .item
elements were covered by .owl-navigation;

- Improved Social Themes.

- Improved social cover with a hover overlay on Social Theme 2;

- Add dropdown with edit options for timeline comments (visible on mouse over the comment);

- Add the person’s name next to the date and avatar on the timeline list page;

- Improved Grunt.

- Extended grunt tasks to allow project specific “browserify” and “concat” tasks, configurable
from _grunt.config.json; “browserify” used to generate the standalone JS modules that are using “require”
and “concat” for modules that are not using “require” and for the vendor bundles by simply
concatenating files;

- Updated “uglify” tasks to compress ANY uncompressed JavaScript files within the “dist/themes/$theme_name/js”

- Extended grunt tasks to allow project specific “copy” tasks; configurable from
_grunt.config.json; used to copy assets from bower_components and other paths to individual themes / modules
such as JSON demo data files used by maps or the SWF file used for fallback by jplayer;

- Extended grunt tasks to generate customized vendor (3rd party libraries) both JavaScript and CSS files for
each individual theme / module; multiple usage scenarios such as reducing bloat by excluding unused
libraries from individual modules; excluding the regular bootstrap style for RTL themes in favour of the
bootstrap-rtl package; etc;

- Improved grunt “copy” tasks to copy common images used by all themes as well as theme specific images to the
static dist folders at build time; the common images are copied from “dev/app/images/common” while theme
specific images are copied from “dev/app/images/themes/$theme_name”; all images are copied to

- Improved Assets.

- Provided standalone module and theme specific stylesheets;

- Provided standalone JavaScript files for each individual module / theme;

- Separated files are included in the static dist folders (dist/themes/$theme_name/js) and are prefixed with
“module” for custom scripts and with “vendor” for 3rd party libraries;

- Simplify the use of features from one module / theme to another by simply loading the corresponding
asset files;

- For a detailed breakdown of the available files and their contents, see the documentation;

Version 3.4.0 – 16 Dec 2014

- Added new Admin Theme;

- Added new UI / Framework modules, compatible with any of the Themes included.

- Layouts;

- Sidebars;

- Navbars;

- Added new Colors KIT based on Google’s Material Design guidelines with unexpected and vibrant colors.

- 19 color palettes designed to work harmoneously with each other;

- 250 shades of color applicable to the general User Interface (background colors and text colors for adding contextual value to any element, buttons, alerts, progress bars, calendars and even sidebar menus);

- Improved Sidebars.

- Added 14 off-canvas navigation effects;

- Added support for multiple left & right sidebars on the same page (up to 6 sidebars on page);

- Added 3 predefined sidebar sizes (56px – mini, 200px default and a wider 250px sidebar);

- Added Sidebar javascript API (toggle buttons anywhere on page for any sidebar, including chat);

- Added “Escape” key binding for closing any sidebar from the keyboard;

- Added 11 Sidebar Skins (2 main skins – dark & white, 5 new color skins based on background colors from the material palettes and 5 new skins based on white background with additional accent colors on the sidebar elements);

- Fixed CSS transition for the collapsible sidebar menu type;

- Easy switch between sidebar menu types (collapse & dropdown) with the simple HTML5 attribute data-type=“collapse/dropdown” on the sidebar’s main HTML wrapper;

- Added support for sidebar menu items with multiple lines of text;

- General UI Improvements.

- Added custom nice scroll for the page’s main scrolling area;

- Improved Tabs;

- Improved Navbar elements;

- Improved Chat.

- Added new white Chat skin;

- Built around the same Sidebar API used for the main menus, the new Chat sidebar gets the same features as any other sidebar, such as off-canvas transitions, dark & white skins and more.

- Updated documentation.

- Added CSS reference;

Version 3.3.0 – 25 Oct 2014

- Added NEW Learning Theme

- Landing Page

- Tutors Page

- Library List & Grid pages

- Library Course / Lesson Page

- Survey

- Fixed active states for Navbar links

- Updated Documentation.

- Improved various Development structures

- Improved Documentation for the Swig Template engine

- Added new Grunt tasks

Version 3.2.0 – 22 Oct 2014

- Added NEW Theme (Social Fixed-Width Layout with Centered content);

- Added Chat for MOBILE – works in all Themes;

- Added New COVER for Social Theme 1;

- Fixed Navbar bugs;

- Refactored Navbar styling to allow use of ¡änavbar-primary¡ä and ¡änavbar-default¡ä in any

- Development Suite.

- Dropped Jekyll in favor of Swig – the best node.js template engine

- Refactored all source templates and structure

- Refactored all JavaScript with a modular approach.

- allows the use of node.js “require” in the browser

- allows having common scripts and theme specific scripts

- allows use of partials

- Grunt.

- added tasks for building Swig templates

- fixed some bugs

- added prettify task to formatting HTML output

- Refactored parts of the styling.

- moved shared parts of various components into common partials to be used by multiple themes

- the chat & all cover types can now be used in any Theme

- New documentation (from scratch).

- Improved overall structure overview

- Added documentation for Vagrant, Swig Template engine and Grunt;

Version 3.1.0 – 18 Oct 2014

- Added new theme;

- Added several skins for each theme;

- Development Suite.

- Vagrant

- full & isolated development environment with close to zero configuration;

- Includes dedicated box with official Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS with the latest front-end
development tools preinstalled (rvm, ruby, grunt, bower, gem, bundler, rake, git, jekyll);

- only requires Vagrant and VirtualBox installed (2 minutes setup);

- automatic bundle, grunt and bower dependencies setup at initial boot;

- works on Mac, Windows and Linux;

- Sass

- added Sass support (1:1 with Less structure)

- added Less 2 Sass ruby converter (rake task)

- added bootstrap-sass as a bower dependency;

- Grunt

- refactored Gruntfile;

- refactored existing tasks;

- updated tasks to support Sass (compile, minify, copy, clean, etc).

- added discover task (generates concatenated and minified vendor scripts bundle from Bower

- added tasks for skins;

- added browser sync (built-in http server, automatic page reloads and CSS injection when files

- Less

- small fixes and cleanup;

- updated structure.

- app/less/common (common styling);

- app/less/skins (skin specific styling);

- app/less/themes (theme specific styling);

- app/less/vendor (used for compatibility with the less:sass converter);

- app/less/demo (styling used only for demo purposes so it can easily be removed from the

- Jekyll

- Restructured app/html/pages into namespaced collections.

- app/html/_general (General purpose)

- app/html/_user_private (User private pages)

- app/html/_user_public (User public pages)

- organised in theme specific folders

Version 3.0.0 – 08 Oct 2014

- Complete Rewrite of All HTML/LESS/JS Files

- Full Bower Asset Management

- Jekyll Source Files (for compiling HTML)

- Grunt Development Workflow

- Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0

- Built with LESS (CSS Files Available)

- Version 3.0.0 is not compatible with older versions

Last Update: 29 December 14; High Resolution: Yes; Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Compatible With: Bootstrap 3.x; ThemeForest Files Included: HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files; Columns: 4+; Documentation: Well Documented; Layout: Responsive.

Smart - Project Management Template; Business Admin Template; FLAT PLUS - Web App & Admin Panel Template; CORAL - App & Website Startup KIT; FLAT KIT - Premium Bootstrap 3 App Template; Quick Admin Template; Ergo - Admin UI Template.

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