ThemeForest eziCMS an Almost Complete Fresh CMS Skin 141307

eziCMS an Almost Complete Fresh CMS Skin

ThemeForest eziCMS an Almost Complete Fresh CMS Skin 141307
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Site Template - eziCMS an Almost Complete Fresh CMS Skin 141307 by CreativeMilk @ ThemeForest

Site Template \ Admin Templates

Update v1.7

- Added: Item sorting/filter(media page)

- Added: Flexible form with validation

- Updated: The jQuery script to 1.6(newest)

- Added: Sortable portlets

- Added: The complete used icon pack

- Fixed: A typo (.js file(cookie))

- Added: A bigger submenu(information page)

- Added: A notification indicator for the submenu

- Added: Form field cloning

Update v1.6

- Added: A new version called eziflex(flexible width)

- Updated: The jQuery script to 1.5.2(newest)

Update v1.5

- Added: A new (powerfull) extra jQuery WYSIWYG editor.

- Updated: The modenizr script to 1.7

Update v1.4

- Added: A jQuery event calendar

- Added: A styled input file (upload field)

- Added: A jQuery UI accordion

- Added: A jQuery treeview(file directory)

- Added: A jQuery equalheight for the horizontal tabs

- Fixed: An little bug in the dialogs page

- Changed: The login page, moved the js code to top

- Fixed a couple of visual issues in chrome and safari

Update v1.3

- Added: A BONUS HTML SITE template

- Added: A new page to the mobile version

- Added: A new color

- Added: A advanced login page(with signup)

- Fixed: A couple of css bugs

- Fixed: An js error(editor)

Update v1.2

- Updated: The box corners, there are now even better.

- Fixed: The editor css files to work proper.

- Fixed: A typo in the main.js file(editor)

Update v1.1

- Added: Sortable boxes(jQuery UI, only eziMINI)

- Added: Sprites(to speed things up)

eziCMS is an fresh and easy going admin skin, which comes with a lot of cool features, like html5 & css3 enhancements, tweets, jQuery & jQuery UI(both the newest), animations, WYSIWYG editor, lightbox with 5 styles and lots more. There are 4 version in this pack, eziFlex(flexible), eziCMS(1000px), eziMINI(600px) and an mobile version which usses the new jQuery mobile library(the first one here onThemeForest) + a BONUS site template. This all comes in 7 fresh styles. eziCMS has a lot of pre made elements instead of the most skins here which has just one or two pages filled with random stuff. eziCMS can be used for any kind of cms system(backend and even frontend), but this depens all on your own knowledge ofcourse.

Please notice that the demo has a couple of minify files in it(and some changes), this is to help my server run faster deu hightraffic on the demos, and to let you switch between some functions! The files that you will download will not be minifyd!! And for those with good eye you see that the datepicker button doesn’t change, this is only in the demo.

If you have bought this file and you want to leave an testimonial please contact me! Thanks!

The theme’s has been tested on an iPad and they work fine


- More styles

- More pre made ellements

- and more…


- 4 Version (plus a bonus theme)

- This theme has 4 kind of versions(layouts), so you can use the kind you need(use the mini version if you dont have a lot of content or go big)

- HTML5 & CSS3 enhancements

- This theme contains HTML5 & CSS3 elements so that it will be ready for the future, the elements that i have used for this theme almost all work, even in IE(which i have used PIE for to get it to work)

- jQuery 1.5.2 (the newest)

- This theme runs op the power of jQuery, as you can see it has the newest version of it.

- jQueryUI 1.8.6 (the newest)

- A couple of plugins run on the UI from jQuery, like the datepicker, dialogs, tabs, autocomplete, progressbar. This is the newest version of the UI lib.

- jQuery mobile (the newest)

- eziCMS has an free add-on called eziMOBI, which is buildt on the new jQuery mobile. It’s the first one here on ThemeForest!!

- modernizr 1.7 (the newest)

- Modernizr adds classes to the element which allow you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. You don’t actually need to write any Javascript to use it. This is the newest version.

- Professional design

- Pre made elements

- This will help you work faster to save you some time on building your admin.

- Layerd & sliced PSD files

- This will help you if you want to add or change something.

- 2 login pages

- 1 basic login page

- 1 advanced login page with sign up part

- 7 styles (more comming)

- At this mnoment eziCMS has 6 minimal and fresh styles/colors, so you can choose the one that you like. There are more colors coming. Want to see a style, just ask me!

- Works in all major browsers

- Custom form styling

- Spice up your form elements.

- CSS3 buttons

- Cool CSS3 buttons i different colors and sizes.(notice that IE does not support these CSS3 buttons)


- PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

- Easy to customise

- Dropdown menu

- Login

- The login has an cool show me the password function.

- Tablesortner

- You can choose between data in basic div’s or in sortable tables.

- 34 types of graphs available

- You can choose between 34 types of graphs from the google library.

- Mass toggle radio buttons

- Mass toggle radio buttons to select all of the files.

- Tooltips

- jQuery WYSIWYG editor

- Cool looking WYSIWYG editor thats not have been used in projects here on TF.

- 23 custom messages/dialogs

- 23 custom messages/dialogs in different sizes, messages and colors.

- Free updates

- YES ….the updates are totally free!! Want to know when there’s an new update, scroll up to the updates button!

- jQuery lightbox with 5 styles

- Choose from 5 styles of lightboxes!

- Tooltips

- PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

- Good documentation

- Good documentation to help you.

- Sortable boxes

- Now you can drag and drop boxes(eziMINI only)

- Display tweets

- Twitter is hot, and you want to be in te loop whats going on.

- Good service and friendly help

- I try to help you as much as i can. Scroll to the top en click on the support button.

- Free Error documents

- 400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 503. An screenshot can be found in the screenshot section

Some comments

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Last Update: 28 June 15; High Resolution: No; Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera; ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PNG, Layered PSD, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files; Columns: 4+; Documentation: Some Help; Layout: Liquid.

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